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How SmartLeader Adds Value to Your Organisation

We take a micro-level approach to organisational development where individuals and teams are at the heart of everything we do. Our solutions empower team members and leaders to take ownership of their own development journey.

Aligned Teams

Teams that are aligned in terms of vision, purpose, values, and role clarity create a sense of unity and promote collaboration, making it easier for the team to work towards a shared goal and achieve success.

Empowered Team Leaders

Team leaders who are empowered with the knowledge, know-how, and evidence-based tools to build their teams and deliver high-performing results.

Improved Engagement and Well-being

Resilient team members who bring their full selves to work to deliver high-performing results. This also means improved well-being and a decrease in absenteeism and employee turnover.

Healthy and Positive Work Culture

Team leaders and members who have a deeper understanding of themselves and others in the team, allowing for healthy workplace relationships and a positive culture.

Positive Business Impact

Aligned, engaged and resilient teams cohesively work towards driving business results.

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Our Organisational Development Solutions

SmartLeader's integrated suite of solutions provides a one-stop destination for all organisational development needs and challenges. We consult and tailor-make solutions to address your specific needs.


Organisational Development Tools

SmartLeader offers a range of evidence-based tools to assess, measure, and monitor individuals and team dynamics. This includes practical and user-friendly personality profilers, team compatibility profilers, 360-degree feedback tools, and team pulse surveys to track key indicators of team performance.


Blended Learning for Leaders

Our blended learning and development solution is designed to equip leaders with the know-how and practical skills to embed a high-performance culture that is resilient, enduring, and inspires their team members to be the best they can be.


Blended Learning for Teams

Our blended learning and development solution —Team Player Course — is designed to help build effective and aligned team members who have a greater sense of self and interpersonal awareness. This foundation eventually leads to cohesive and high-performing teams.


Accreditation for HR practitioners

Our accreditations aim to train and develop HR practitioners to be able to effectively and confidently deploy SmartLeader team development tools in their respective organisations.

Who Our Solutions Are For?

HR / OD Specialists

Our solutions cater specifically to HR/OD practitioners seeking scalable and practical organisational development solutions.

Designed to address key pain points such as employee well-being, engagement, and retention, our solutions offer easy deployment and effective results. By providing actionable strategies and expert guidance, we empower HR professionals to create positive work environments and drive organisational growth.

Senior Executives

SmartLeader, in collaboration with its sister company, the Institute for Strategic Leadership, specialises in delivering comprehensive organisational development solutions. Our expertise spans from senior executive development to lower-level team development, fostering a culture transformation that encompasses the entire organisation.

These transformations wield a substantial influence on leadership dynamics, organisational trajectory, and financial performance—a realm where senior executive teams wield direct responsibility. 

Hear Stories of Our Business Impact

Here’s how SmartLeader has supported businesses in the process of building empowering work cultures and high-performing teams that are aligned and engaged. These organisations represent various industry backgrounds and organisational development challenges.

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