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MyTeamPulse - Team Pulse Survey

MYTEAMPULSE™ is a pulse survey tool developed for leaders to build high-trust, aligned, and unified teams across organisations that deliver high-performance outcomes.

By giving you regular insights into your team’s engagement, mojo, leadership, productivity, team effectiveness, & more, the tool allows you to better support and lead your employees while increasing levels of collaboration, trust, and workplace safety.

Key Metrics MyTeamPulse Measures



How much your team members enjoy, give their all, and are immersed in their work.



How much your team vibe with your leadership.



The emotional resilience of your team members.


Team Culture

What your team think the team culture is, and what culture they aspire to have.


Team Values

The extent to which your team is fully living the team values.


Team Risks

If there are any risks present in the team, such as discrimination, harassment, lack of inclusivity, etc.


Team Productivity

How productive do your team members feel they currently are.


Team Effectiveness

What stage of the hierarchical cycle your team is at to becoming a high performance team.


Team Promoters

How actively and enthusiastically your team members promote the team.

How MyTeamPulse Creates Value in Your Organisation


Provides a Psychologically Safe Environment

MyTeamPulse fosters a psychologically safe environment where employees can freely express themselves, enabling team leaders to gain true insights into team dynamics.


Development-Centric Conversations

MyTeamPulse is a catalyst for conversations. Each pulse result is followed by a leader or HR-led team debrief, during which team members collectively decide how to take the team to the next level.


Aligned and High-Performing Teams

The tool guides the team towards building a common purpose, trust, and alignment to achieve high-performance outcomes through a step-by-step hierarchical process.


Building Healthy Work Cultures

Understanding the current work culture from the employees' perspective, as well as the culture that employees aspire towards, provides key insights to build an empowering work experience. This is precisely what the survey helps you achieve.


Positive Business Outcomes

Fully engaged teams perform significantly better than less engaged teams, positively impacting business outcomes through increased productivity and lower staff turnover

How MyTeamPulse Works?

Considering the survey nature of the tool, we follow a carefully guided and followed-up process to deploy Myteampulse, ensuring that everyone is onboard with the tool and feels psychologically safe.

1. Mind-Setting

Mindset the team around the purpose, confidentiality, and safety of the pulse and clarify all the questions that team members might have.

2. Survey Deployment

Pulse survey is emailed directly to team members according to the set timelines.

3. Survey Completion

Team members spend 3-5 minutes completing the survey and providing their feedback anonymously.

4. Setting up the Dashboard

Compile the results and feedback into the team's dashboard, while the overall organisation's results populate in a multi-team dashboard.

5. Development

Team leaders, with the support of internal HR practitioners, facilitate team debrief sessions to encourage open conversations and collectively agree on action points.

6. Review

Teams work together to achieve set goals with clear accountability, while internal HR practitioners provide support throughout the development process and monitor progress over time.

How MyTeamPulse Differs from Other Engagement Surveys


Team Owned Solutions

It's a team-owned and team-led solution, rather than HR-led. This tool empowers team leaders and members to engage in meaningful development conversations and transform their teams into high-performing units that deliver results.


Beyond Just a Scorecard

MyTeamPulse's main focus is to enable rich conversations within the team, allowing actionable steps to be taken to elevate the team to the next level, rather than solely striving for a visually appealing scorecard.


Comes With Team Development Expertise

SmartLeader has proven track record and expertise in leadership development, coaching and team development. This means our MyTeamPulse users have access to resources beyond just a dashboard that can help use team insights effectively to make an actual impact within teams.

"People really look forward to getting the results and having those conversations both with their manager directly but also as a wider team"

Andrea Hayden

HR Director - Karcher Oceania

"MyTeamPulse has proven to be an invaluable tool, consistently contributing to our organisation's progress."

Ayla Low

Business Partner and Talent Manager Tauranga City Council

"It’s been a huge amount of value that it’s added in terms of the dynamic and the relationship we have as a senior leadership team"

Hamish Matheson

Region President – Karcher Oceania

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