360 Feedback For High-Performing Leaders

360-degree feedback is an essential source of insights that leaders
can gain to deepen their self-awareness and build confidence
to take the next step up

Essential Leader Development Tool

The SmartLeader 360-degree questionnaire, called the Personal 063, is an online questionnaire, the results of which provide a ‘mirror’ on leadership. It is designed as a development tool (rather than a performance rater) and provides executives with the opportunity to see themselves through the lens of their ‘boss’, colleagues, and direct reports.


9 Competency Categories

The tool identifies strengths, gaps, and tips for improvement under 9 leadership competency categories.


Digital Dashboard

All the feedback results and ratings are compiled into an interactive digital dashboard that can be easily accessed and used for development conversations and coaching.


Leadership Brand Index (LBI)

Measure of how people regard your personal leadership brand and gives you an indication of your standing among peers.


Step-Up Index (SUI)

The measure of whether people believe you are ready to take the next step up in your leadership career. The index provides you with an indication of how your feedback givers perceive you in terms of being 'Step Up' Ready.


One-on-One Coaching

Our experienced coaches provide one-on-one coaching to help leaders navigate their leadership journey and plan their next steps based on the 360-degree feedback results.

Why 360 Feedback is Essential For Developing Leaders

Self-awareness is the starting point of any successful leadership journey. Leaders should be able to lead themselves first before they can lead others. 360-degree feedback is one of many techniques through which leaders can deepen their level of self-awareness.


We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

What we know about ourselves through our own experiences may be limited. People who observe us from the outside can offer insights into areas of which we may not be aware. It provides an objective way to evaluate ourselves.



Leading self is the starting point of the leadership journey before being able to lead a team, multiple teams, and eventually organisations. Self-awareness lays the foundation for leading oneself.


Better Work Cultures

Leaders with greater self-awareness are typically open-minded and can effectively engage with their teams, positively influencing the culture.

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