Blended Learning and Development for Teams

We help your team members gain a deeper sense of self and interpersonal
awareness, and align them towards a shared vision.

Team Player Course and How It Works?

The Team Player Course is a blended (online + offline) team development solution designed to support HR and OD practitioners and team leaders in building aligned, engaged, and high-performing teams.

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1. Self-Awareness

Team players (including the leader) complete each module of the course individually and gain a greater sense of self-awareness through reflections and exercises.

2. Inter-Personal Awareness

Leader led team debrief sessions after each module to enable rich conversations and build inter-personal awareness.

3. Improved Trust

Open discussions, interactions, and sharing of learnings lay the foundation for the team by building trust.

4. Action Planning

Individuals set actionable SMART goals to address key pain points and development areas through the process of self-discovery.

5. Review Progress

Monthly one-on-ones with the team leader to discuss the progress, challenges, and next steps.

How This Course Creates Value Across the Organisation

Team Members

  • A better sense of self-awareness
  • A SMART development action plan
  • An understanding on how to check and maintain resilience and MOJO
  • Clarity on team player responsibilities


The team player course will help the team build:

  • A platform for trust.
  • Positive team dynamics.
  • Alignment.
  • Resilience.
  • Clarity of purpose and how it relates to each team member.


The team player course will help build:

  • A shared language from the senior leadership level to the front line.
  • Build trust and confidence in leaders from the top team to the front line.
  • Healthy and resilient team dynamics.
  • Increased engagement, retention, MOJO, and productivity throughout the organisation.

Team Leaders

The team player course will help team leaders to:

  • Deepen trust with their teams.
  • Grow their leadership skills.
  • Develop team facilitation skills.

5 Engaging Modules Followed by Debriefs

Each module is delivered online and debriefed as a team, led by the team leader, or one of our experienced team development coaches.

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Understanding Personality

Participants will gain insight into their unique strengths, blind spots, stressors, and communication preferences, allowing them to build healthy and enabling team dynamics.


Unconscious Mind

Participants will gain increased self-awareness by understanding their unconscious biases through the exploration of life events, values, and beliefs that have shaped them.


Mojo Concept

Through exploring the Mojo concept, team members will understand what impacts their energy, resilence, and bandwidth and how to improve their mental well-being sustainably.


Team Player Qualities

In this module team members will identify and leverage their individual strengths, aspirations, and values as they relate to their ability to work effectively within a team.


Co-Creating an Empowering Workplace

In the final step of the Team Player Course, team members will gain a profound understanding of their individual responsibility in co-creating an empowering workplace for themselves and others within the organisation.

Participants Feedback and Ratings

The Team Player course offers a transformative and engaging learning experience that has had a profound impact on teams across diverse industries. This programme not only creates lasting effects on teams and organisations but also empowers individuals in both their personal and professional lives.


Greater interpersonal awareness


Greater self-awareness


Would recommend

Why is Team Player Course a Unique Organisational Development Solution?

People Development at Scale

We enable each and every individual in the organisation to be a part of personal development and growth.

Strong Foundation

Getting your staff onboard with your
journey and vision is key to leadership and organisational success.

Hybrid Ready Solution

The Team Player Course is the perfect organisational development solution for contemporary hybrid work environments.

“With every module you learn something new about yourself and how you act in a team environment.”

Tania Samarasinghe

Marketing Specialist Non-for-Profit Sector

“Team Player Course training was well received by our team and we continue to benefit from this experience daily.”

David Bell

Chief Executive Officer Optima Investment Group Limited.

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