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SmartLeader tools are thoughtfully crafted with the belief that leveraging evidence is essential for building and developing effective teams

What Can You Expect By Deploying Our Tools?


Empowered leaders fostering positive synergy with their team members.


Employees who are engaged and have a sense of self and interpersonal awareness.


Teams that are engaged, resilient, and high performing.


Informed and evidence-based HR recruiting, onboarding, reporting, and culture management.

Our Organisational Development Tools

SmartLeader Tools are the result of extensive research and a wealth of experience gained from collaborating with cross-functional teams and leaders over a span of 22 years. Embracing the principle of 'what gets measured gets improved,' our approach empowers teams to enhance their performance and achieve remarkable outcomes.


4Characters - Practical Personality Profiler

4Characters is a Jungian-based, simple, and practical personality profiler with detailed insights into inner strengths, blind spots, and many other aspects of personality.

Click-With tools make the use of 4Characters even more practical by providing insights into how any two members in the team can click with each other effectively.


Work-With - Team Compatibility Profiler

Work-With is a profiling tool which identifies how you typically relate to other people and how you prefer them to relate to you in your current work setting.


063 | 360 Degree Feedback Tool

The SmartLeader Diagnostics 360-degree questionnaire, called the Personal 063, is designed as a development tool (rather than a performance rating tool) and offers employees the opportunity to see themselves through the perspectives of their 'boss,' colleagues, and direct reports.


MyTeamPulse - Engagement Survey Tool

MYTEAMPULSE™ is a pulse survey tool developed for leaders to build high-trust, aligned, and unified teams across organisations by measuring the key vital signs of teams.

Why SmartLeader Tools?

SmartLeader tools have been developed by leadership and team developments experts by testing and refining them over a long period of time across multiple industries and organisations.

Integrated Suite

Our toolkit contains everything you need to conduct effective team and leader development on one platform, eliminating the need to search for multiple tool providers. Our solutions are integrated and work seamlessly to provide better value for the end user.

Beyond Just Numbers & Dashboards

Evidence without knowing how to take action is like receiving a blood report and having no clue what to do next. That's why all our SmartLeader tools come with the knowledge and know-how to effectively use them and drive real change.

Validated by Thousands of Leaders and Teams

Over the last 22 years, our tools have been used to develop teams and senior executives in Australasia and Europe and have been well-received by them.

Easy to Use and Practical

SmartLeader tools are owned and deployed by teams and team leaders themselves. Therefore, we have carefully developed these tools to make it easy for regular users to understand and deploy within their teams.

“SmartLeader tools help us understand how we each approach decision-making and problem solving, and how we can work better together.”

David Cullen, Executive Director, Victorian Government

"SmartLeader tools are regularly mentioned as very helpful for increasing harmony and effectiveness in working relationships."

Sonia.Appleby-Maine, L&D programme Manager, Tauranga City Council

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