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4Characters Personality Tool

In everyday workplaces, trying to follow the Platinum Rule (treating others how they want to be treated) can get tricky when you have to remember 16 or even 20 different personality codes types.

That's where the 4Characters concept comes in handy. It simplifies things by breaking personalities into four main types: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Each type has its unique way of dealing with information and making decisions, along with strengths and blind spots that are important for better interactions.

Blue Character Sensory Thinkers

Naturally inclined towards operations and are often practical and precise.

Green Character Sensory Feelers

Naturally inclined towards client relations and are often helpful and nurturing.

Yellow Character Intuitive Feelers

Naturally inclined towards people development and are often insightful and relationship focused.

Red Character Intuitive Thinkers

Naturally inclined towards big picture thinking and innovation.

Why is 4Characters Unique?


Simple and Practical

4Characters tool categorises personality into 4 types, each of which is identified by a unique colour, which makes the use of this tool extremely simple.

Additionally, the tool captures the essence of personality traits that plays out in day-to-day workplaces. This means the use of this tool in day-to-day teamwork can help teams work together effectively.


Intuitive Personal and Team Dashboards

4Characters' personality results are presented in an intuitive dashboard that makes personality results practical and engaging. The teams that complete the personality assessment are provided with a team dashboard that offers insights into team dynamics.


Easy to Understand the Team Dynamics

Due to its simplicity, the tool allows team leaders, HR practitioners, and coaches to gain a better understanding of their teams' personality distribution and dynamics.


Easy to Leverage Team Synergy

Each character has its own strengths and blind spots. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses within the team enables the team to better leverage its synergy.

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Click-With Tool

This tool was designed to make the use of 4Characters tool even more practical and effective. The Click-With tool enables any 2 members in the team to understand how to click with each other well by understanding;

  • Each other’s preferences.
  • What’s in common.
  • Points of differences.
  • Flash points.
  • Things to be mindful of when working together.

How Do You Benefit From 4Characters and Click-With

Increased Self-Awareness

Understand your inner strengths, weaknesses, stressors, and preferences when working in a team environment.

Increased Interpersonal Awareness

The tool enables the team to understand their fellow team members and apply the Platinum Rule: treating others as they would like to be treated.

Trust and Alignment

Interpersonal awareness builds strong bonds and trust within teams.

"4Characters and Click-With are such unique and insightful tools that we use to get the best out of our people and teams."

Craig Schutte, Executive Vice President

APAC IMEA, Gallagher Security

"By using the Click-With tool, our teams have been able to gain a simple and practical way to understand barriers to communication"

Sonia Appleby-Maine

Learning and Development Manager Tauranga City Council

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