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Team Builder Course and How it Works?

The Team Builder course is a comprehensive practical learning solution that equip leaders at all levels with evidence-based tools to transform their teams into high-performing teams. By participating in this course, leaders will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to align their teams towards a common goal, build trust and achieve exceptional results.

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1. Self Paced Learning

Leaders gain practical knowledge on the team build process using our online self-paced learning platform.

2. Evidence-Based Tools

Leaders are equipped with evidence-based tools to conduct their team-building process and learn how to deploy them effectively.

3. Deployment Phase

At the end of each learning session, leaders deploy their learnings and tools to undertake the team-building process. This will involve leaders and respective team members collectively working towards becoming a high-performing team.

4. Team Action Planning

The team will collectively identify development areas and set SMART team goals to address them, with clear accountability.

SmartLeader Team Build Process

At SmartLeader, we treat team building as a 3-stage process with 7 distinct steps that need to be followed sequentially.

When you build a house, you start by laying strong foundation blocks, you then put up the walls and pillars, and lastly, you put on the roof. Once the house is built, regular maintenance is all you need to stay on top of any issues that may arise.

We approach a team build in the same fashion by breaking it down into 7 key stages.

6 Engaging Modules Followed by Debriefs

Each module is delivered online, and at the end of each module, learnings are practically applied within the team by the team leader with the support of SmartLeader tools and coaches.

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Understanding Team Dynamics

Build a solid foundation of trust and commitment by aligning the team on a shared purpose, mission, and an agreed set of values, co-creating a Team Charter.


Team Diagnostic Tools

Learn how to use evidence-based techniques and tools to measure and monitor key vital signs of teams.


The Science Behind Employee Engagement

Discover the fundamentals of engagement, its key drivers and outcomes, and its importance in building a high-performance team.


Seven Steps to Building a Team

This module takes leaders through the 7-step team-building process and how to effectively deploy it within their teams using evidence-based tools.


Team Dysfunctions

Understand how dysfunctional roles may show up and impact the team, and how to respond and support your team members as a leader when they fall into these roles.


Creating a Positive Culture

Understand the different types of cultures within your team and recognise how they influence and impact the wider team culture.

Why is Team Builder Course Unique?

Scalable Team Development

Blended nature (online + in person) of our solution makes team development easier than you might think.

Leader-Led Team Development

Enable leaders to own and lead the team development process.

Performance Centric Leader Development

We build leader capabilities to make performance centric impacts within teams.

How This Course Aims to Create Value Across the Organisation

Value to Team Leaders

  • Build and grow their individual team members and teams.
  • Develop their coaching and facilitation skills.
  • Align their leadership to their peer-leaders within the organisation.
  • Build a high-trust, highly engaged, and resilient team that consistently delivers.
  • Foster and maintain healthy team dynamics that build psychological safety.

Value to the Organisation

  • Align leadership language across the organisation.
  • Foster and grow leadership capabilities.
  • Create a healthy and resilient culture that retains and attracts talent.
  • Increase MOJO, engagement, and productivity throughout the organisation.

Value to Team

  • Build healthy and resilient teams.
  • Equip teams to own their team development process.
  • Create positive team dynamics that engage individuals.
  • Embed a high-performance culture that empowers individuals.
  • Align and unify the team towards a common purpose.

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