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Work-With Team Compatibility Profiler

Work-With is a profiling tool which identifies how your team members typically relate to others in the team and how they prefer others to relate to them in their day-to-day work setting. When combined with colleagues’ profiles, the tool can be used to predict team dynamics and compatibility.


Reduced Workplace Conflicts

The tool enables team members to connect with their colleagues while being aware of their preferences and differences during interactions, fostering positive workplace relationships and reducing conflicts.


Improved Team Synergy

The better team members understand each other, the easier it is to work together and collaborate, leading to improved team synergy and overall benefits for the team


Positive and Healthy Workplace Culture

Positive workplace relationships and interactions create work cultures that are empowering and joyful.

What Work-With Tool Measures

Work-With is SmartLeader's own interpersonal preferences profiler, based on Schultz’s compatibility theory, Schultz’s theory of interpersonal needs and insights from 22 years of leadership experience.

Involving Needs

This need indicates how much you typically involve other people at work (e.g. in your meetings, projects and work related social events) and how much attention, contact, and recognition you want from colleagues. It is about you in relation to groups - small or large.

Influencing Needs

Influencing indicates how much influence and responsibility you want and how much much you want others to lead and influence you. Influencing applies to both your one-to-one relationships and your behaviour as a group.

Relating Needs

This need indicates how warm, close and friendly you are with others at work and how warm, close and friendly you want others to be with you. It’s about the need to establish comfortable one-to-one relationships (whereas involving looking at your needs for interacting with groups).

Disclosing Needs

Disclosing has previously been included within the concept relating, however, we have found that in a work setting the two are not related.

Disclosing looks specifically at how much personal information you like to share with others at work and how much you like them to share with you.

“The Work-With tool brings some powerful lightbulb moments about why colleagues can rub each other the wrong way and helps them realise how to click better with one another.”

Amanda Woolridge, Leadership Coach – XL Coaching

"Work-With helps people understand what drives behaviour, why well-intentioned people can take each other the wrong way and helps teams understand how to click better with one another."

Gareth Lorigan, Partner – Australia Institute for Strategic Leadership

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