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After twenty years of providing strategic leadership development for Directors, CEOs, General Managers, and High Potential Leaders through our sister organisation Institute for Strategic Leadership, our founder, Dr Geoff Lorigan, decided to set up a specialised team development service to support OD professionals effectively develop team leaders and team members, on-scale across organisations.

Headquartered in Auckland - New Zealand, SmartLeader offers leading edge, digital leadership and team development solutions to help leaders, and teams to become their best version selves.

Our Values

Our team is guided by a set of core values that provide the foundation for everything we do as a team, both internally and with all our stakeholders.



We place a strong emphasis on cultivating trust within ourselves and the team, fostering an environment where every individual feels empowered to assume accountability and take ownership of their actions and decisions.



Teamwork is at the core of everything we do, from our open plan office,through to celebrating each other's successes, we empower each individual to be the best version of themselves.



At the core of our office culture is a dedicated emphasis on respect, fostering an empowering and positive atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to be mindful, embrace diversity, and cultivate an acceptance of viewpoints and cultures.



At SmartLeader, a crucial aspect of our roles is to consider customers as key partners, consistently going the extra mile to deliver high-quality solutions that enhance their teams.



The key to our consistent growth at SmartLeader lies in fostering curiosity and creativity, intrinsic to our foundational values, as we continually embrace change and development.



We recognise and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion, emphasising authenticity while maintaining regular communication with leadership figures.

Dr Geoff Lorigan

Founder and Managing Director

John Wadsworth

Group CEO - Institute for Strategic Leadership and SmartLeader

Jeff Jackson

Chief Financial Officer - SmartLeader

Angela Neely

Organisational Development Lead

Balashanker Das

Chief Information Officer

Bianca Kulbegovic

Customer Experience Lead

Laksitha Siriwardena

Marketing and Operations Lead

SmartLeader Culture

Our organisational culture is rooted in diversity and inclusivity. We embrace and celebrate people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and recognise the value that their unique perspectives and experiences bring to our team.

We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected, and we treat each other with the utmost dignity and kindness. We believe that by valuing and appreciating our differences, we can achieve great things together.

SmartLeader Ecosystem

At SmartLeader our employees are working flexibly, mainly based in Auckland New Zealand and Melbourne Australia with the capabilities to provide global support with local context.


Years of building teams and leaders


Global offices


Senior Executive validated tools and solutions


Countries represented by our diverse team

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